MagFlux® Series MJK MagFlux® 7200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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With a hard rubber liner for electrically conductive liquids

The MagFlux® 7200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter has high stability and great accuracty which makes the unit suitable for various flow measurements in water. The MagFlux® 7200 sensor is produced with a hard rubber liner, which is why it is often used to measure flow in electrically conductive liquids in filled, closed pipes.

MJK MagFlux® electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument for measuring fluid flow using Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, and therefore the fluid must be electrically conductive. The MagFlux® 7200 series comes with EN, AS, ANSI, AWWA and KS flanges in ISO standard installation lengths. With MagFlux® 7200 you get high stability and great accuracy in all your water measurements.

Product Features
  • Produced with a hard rubber liner
  • Supports IP 68 installations
  • Large sensor range, DN 20-1400 / 3/4" TO 48"
  • Small built-in lengths
  • Velocity range from 0.2 to 10 M/S / 0.6 to 30 FT./S
  • Full bore sensors
  • MID certificate from DN25 to DN400, for metering of cold water.


MagFlux® 7200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter sensors are used to measure all kinds of waste water, from very slurry liquids to outlet water.

In many areas, the MagFlux sensors are used to keep track of the amounts of waste water pumped from an urban region to a greater plant. Often seen here, are the large DN sizes.

MagFlux 7200 sensors from DN 50 to DN 400 can be delivered with MID certificate. This means the flow meter can be used to invoice deliveries to and from clients – or in between plant as the counter cannot be reset.

The hard rubber lining of MagFlux 7200 is a typically all-round liner, used in harsh environments like waste water.

In case of potential risk of flooding of the flow sensor, the MagFlux flow sensors can be potted for IP68 protection.

Drinking Water

MagFlux is used for measuring the flow of the raw water from ground water wells and pumps to the treatment plant. It logs and transfers the amount of water delivered.

For drinking water networks, the MagFlux 7200 is used. This model also holds the WRAS certificate issued for UK.

MagFlux series 7200, from DN 50 to DN 400, ise MID certified. This means the flow meter can be used for billing purposes.

The MagFlux holds a feature for forward and reverse flow and a totalizer deducting the reverse flow from the forward flow. This means that e.g., when two waterworks are interconnected, MagFlux can totalize flow volume for both directions.

The Sensor can work in submerged conditions having the converter mounted nearby. In this case, the sensor is IP68 secured.

For data collection, in order to trace the non-revenue water loss (NRW), the MagFlux has a high accuracy of 0,25% at a velocity down to 0,2 m/s. including the build in data logger.

Aqua Culture

MagFlux Provides exact measurements of water going into tanks or outlet water from aqua culture applications.

The sensor is constructed with three electrodes, and a 3-point calibration. This provides an excellent precision of only +/- 0,25% and measuring as low as 0,2 m/s.

The output from the MagFlux converter can, instead of the conventional 4/40mA loops, be provided as a ModBus RS485 signal.

In applications where the sensor is installed close by, the MagFlux Display can handle up to four converters and sensors in a local network.

The MagFlux MID certification allows the totalizers to be used for documentation or invoicing or billing purposes.


For very heated water, highly corrosive water or water containing other aggressive elements, the 7100 lining PTFE is recommended. This lining is especially created for process fluids.

The Electrodes are created in Steel, Hastelloy, titanium or platinum, which will match almost any usage.

MagFLux is NIST certified. This means the flow meter can be used to invoice deliveries to and from clients – or in between plant as the counter cannot be reset.

The output from the converter is RS485, and the converter can be wall mounted up to 1000m from the sensor. This is very common in larger waste water pumping facilities.

One MagFlux Display can handle four converters and sensors.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools