Providing clean water in Malaysia

Providing clean water in Malaysia

A team of employees from Xylem Malaysia and Singapore and representatives from Planet Water recently built water towers at five general hospitals in Malaysia. The water towers will help supply constant clean water to the hospitals and to the local communities.

The group spent three days building the water towers in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. A constant supply of clean water has been a challenge to Kelantan for decades. The lack of clean drinking water worsened since the flooding last year when all the major water treatment plants were contaminated.

During the flooding seasons, these hospitals act as the relief centers for flood victims. The water towers will supply constant clean water to the hospitals for their daily operations due to the shortage of clean water in the region.

Although the towers are located within the hospital compound, they will also serve as a constant supply of drinking water to the communities when their water taps run dry during the week.





by Simon