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Ecoray ballasts are perfectly synchronized with Ecoray lamps to provide the best possible performance and reduce energy costs. Ecoray ballasts represent a new...
  • Fully synchronized with Ecoray lamps
  • Up to 5% energy savings (on top of the 25% energy savings offered by Ecoray...

F740 FanEx plate fin core with fan air cooled heat exchanger

FanEx – plate fin core with fan air-cooled heat exchanger (air/water)

Heavy duty industrial construction plate fin design using air for cooling where water is unavailable, costly or undesirable. Typically supplied with fan/motor...
  • Uses air for cooling
  • Plate fin core
  • Copper, carbon steel and stainless steel available
  • Semi-custom designs
  • ASME available

Quartz sleeves

Wedeco quartz sleeves offer optimal protection against fractures caused by internal stresses, external mechanical forces, vibration and lamp-water temperature...
  • Reduce absorption of UV from deposits on sleeves
  • Glass free from scratches, cracks and fouling maximizes output
  • Keep...

Upgrade kits

Wedeco UV systems provide effective disinfection for extensive periods of time. Ultimately, however, the consumables in your system will start to show signs of...
  • Include all components required to restore optimal UV system performance
  • Reduced operating costs – Ecoray lamps and...

UV lamps

Xylem manufactures Ecoray lamps at its factory in Germany according to the strictest requirements. Ecoray lamps are treated with Xylem's innovative protection...
  • Cut energy consumption by up to 25% 
  • Extended warranty (14,000 hours)
  • DuraCoat for improved aging
  • Stronger and more...

UV sensors

Avoid the risk of unnecessary and easily avoidable wasted energy. With yearly reference measurements and genuine Wedeco sensors – certified by the supervisory...
  • Genuine Wedeco UVC Sensors provide optimal UVC output with minimal energy input
  • Prevent energy wastage
  • Ensure target...


In order to ensure a stable UVC transmission and safe disinfection, and to minimize energy loss, the quartz sleeves protecting the UV lamps should be kept...
  • Chemical-free mechanical cleaning system
  • Electrically or pneumatically actuated (subject to UV system selected)
  • Very easy...