Natural Gas Solutions


Smith-Blair Joint Restraints provide a quick and easy way to restrain hydrants, values, pipe, bells and fittings used in water and wastewater systems. We stringently test products for the water to provide strength, durability and efficiency that meet or exceed suggested industry standards. 


Smith-Blair has a comprehensive line of premium products for pipe repairs. Choose the industry's best for clamps, couplings, adapters and saddles in a variety of sizes. Precision made for outstanding service performance with simple-to-follow instructions making repairs efficient and cost-effective.


When it's time to join pipe, try Smith-Blair's compression couplings, expansion joints, flanged adapters, dismantling joints, steel couplings, EZW restraints and cast couplings. Take advantage of industry-leading products, quick shipments and highly trained customer service professionals.

Capping Solutions

Our pipe end caps are easy to remove, reinstall and block. They are ideal when you need to conduct a test or perfect for a permanent installation, for protecting pipe ends and helping you remove air blocks. Choose Smith-Blair when you need to cap a pipe end. It's the smart and safe choice.


Our tapping sleeves are quick and easy to install with simple hand tools. No special equipment, caulking or welding is required for installation. The process is as simple as tightening bolts with a wrench. The built-in range of our tapping sleeves also means one sleeve fits several classes of pipe.