Advisory and Planning

Making Sure You’re Set up for Success

Our advisory and planning services paint a picture of your future and navigate towards it. We partner with you to identify and address issues, uncover opportunities and explore what may be on the horizon. Our solution experts help you develop a long term strategy that aligns with your goals. Simply put, by planning ahead, we ensure a fast and seamless FlexNet® communication network deployment.

Service Benefits

  • Reduce costs by reducing potential delays and rework
  • Increase operational efficiencies through business process improvement
  • Accelerate time to market with new technologies
  • Realize ROI sooner
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Strengthen system security
  • Have the confidence to make timely, data-driven decisions

Solution Design Workshop

Like blueprints for a house, our interactive Solution Design Workshop provides you with the plans needed to deploy your custom FlexNet solution. With more than 900 AMI deployments under our belt, we use our domain expertise to identify and explore all opportunities up front so there are no surprises during deployment. 

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Business Process Design

Ensuring every department in your organization is working together toward a common goal is crucial for the success of your AMI solution. Our experts will collaborate with your team, review your current methods and expectations and use that input to improve or develop new businesses processes.


Security Consulting

With the increase in cyber threats against utilities, protecting critical infrastructure is a top priority. Our experts help you mitigate risk, comply with standards, and ensure safeguards are in place to protect, respond, and recover from cyber-attacks and physical threats.

Network Planning

Like a car, a communications network needs occasional tuning and maintenance. Our Network Services team is led by experienced communications engineers that can assist with:

• Configuring, deploying and managing Regional Network Interface (RNI)™ software

• Optimizing the RNI application and database for ongoing management and operation

• Performing or assisting with RNI patches, updates and/or upgrades

• Providing engineering resources for ongoing AMI management and maintenance services, including meter configurations, firmware updates, encryption and more