Packaged Pump Stations

Flygt offers a wide range of pre-engineered packaged pump stations including pumps, tank, piping and valve system, all installation accessories and monitoring and control equipment. The pump stations are available in a number of designs and sizes, and they all have in common a design optimized for trouble-free and efficient pumping.

Since sediment build-up is unwanted in a wastewater pump station, due to odor problems, high maintenance costs and the risk of clogging, preventing sediment and deposits is one of the main design focuses. The design of the pump sump bottom in our pre-engineered pump stations eliminates or minimizes sediment build-up. The stations also feature a compact and small footprint, reducing civil works and making the installation quick and easy. In short, our packaged pump stations have everything you need for a reliable and efficient turnkey solution. We've been designing, building and installing packaged pump stations for over 40 years. So with a Flygt PPS solution, you get total peace of mind and the benefit of single-source responsibility from the number one trusted supplier in the wastewater industry.