Flygt A-C Series Pumps, Parts and Services


Providing custom pumping solutions over 150 years 

Flygt A-C Custom Pump, with its longstanding heritage of manufacturing engineered custom pumps in the water and wastewater as well as power generation markets, originates from Allis-Chalmers Co.; a U.S. manufacturer of large machinery for various industries with origins dating back over 150 years. Although we may have a new company name, Xylem Inc., our facility, employees, and product designs are the heritage of Allis Chalmers and ITT A-C Pump. Our extensive installations and references in the industry are a result of the efforts of our employees and operations. We look forward to continuing our proud tradition of manufacturing the most efficient and durable pumps in the world!

Flygt A-C Custom Pump History

1844 – Thomas Chalmers founded P.W. Gates Iron Works.

1861 – Edward Allis purchased the Reliance Works.

1872 – Thomas Chalmers founded Fraser & Chalmers.

1873 - Edward P. Allis reorganized the Reliance Works into the Edward P. Allis Co., which produced steam engines and other mill equipment (including pumps).

1901 – Allis-Chalmers Co. was formed by merging the Edward P. Allis Co., Fraser and Chalmers Co., and Gates Iron Works.

1902 – A new factory was built west of Milwaukee, which would be later named West Allis, WI.

1912 – Reorganized into Allis Chalmers Mfg., led by Otto Falk, who pushed into additional markets including mechanized agriculture.

1920 – 1985 – Produced a variety of products including pumps, engines, steam turbines, mills, farm equipment, compressors and foundry equipment.

1985 – 1999 – Dissolution of businesses until Jan. 1999 when it officially closed its Milwaukee offices.

1987 – Allis Chalmers pump division bought by ITT becomes ITT A-C Pump.

1989 – ITT A-C Pump Pewaukee, WI facility opened.

2005 – ITT transfers A-C Pump into the Flygt organization.

2006 – ITT A-C Pump starts selling pumps under the Flygt name.

2011 – ITT spins into 3 corporations. Flygt becomes a part of Xylem, Inc.xylem-flygt-AC-pump-history.jpg

Pumps of the Water & Wasterwater, Power and Industrial Markets

The Flygt A-C Series of products are a perfect fit for applications where you need to move large volumes of water as well as applications where a standardized product just won’t do. High capacity Vertical Column Pumps are custom designed for the highest efficiency and maximum reliability. Large Double Suction / Split Case Pumps can be vertically or horizontally mounted with multiple flange orientations. The End Suction Pumps offer an unmatched range of solids handling pumps. For the largest flow applications, the Horizontal Axial Flow Pumps can pump flows in excess of 500,000 gpm (115,000 m3/h).

Testing the world’s largest pumps

Our Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA manufacturing plant houses one of the largest indoor pump test facilities in North America. The center of the test facility is the 440,000 gallon wet pit area where the largest of the pumps are tested. In addition to the wet pit, there is a dry pit that runs along two sides of the wet pit, which includes a bank of guide rails for submersible pump testing. Another test loop is set up opposite to the dry pit which is a pressurized above ground dry pit testing area that can conduct semi-closed loop testing on pumps up to 16”. 

Aftermarket and Service

Whether it’s a Flygt A-C Series Pump (Allis Chalmers), or any other manufactures pump, the Flygt A-C Custom Pump Aftermarket and Service group, backed by more than 150 years of pump design and manufacturing experience, can help set up a service plan to help reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, and downtime. Centrally located in Pewaukee, WI, any pump in the continental US can ship to us within two days or less.

Supplying parts to keep your Classic A-C Pump running for decades to come     

Allis Chalmers produced hundreds of models of pumps, many of which stopped being offered as new units over the years. Due to the durability of these pumps, many are still in use today. For those pumps that still have life left in them, we offer genuine OEM parts and even replacement units for these Classic Pumps.

The Flygt Custom Pump Service Plan 

Highly qualified engineers and technicians, with the most modern of analytical processes, will professionally evaluate your pump operation. After evaluation, required service options will be recommended, the necessary design and materials will be specified, the repair or installation will be promptly completed, and a professional follow-up will be provided to ensure proper pump operations. 

Custom Engineering and Pump Upgrading 

In order to add years or maintenance-free operation to the life of your pump, we can hydraulically and/or mechanically redesign your pump to an upgraded rating to increase efficiency, capability and reliability.

Pump Reconditioning 

We'll restore your pump to its original equipment specifications with proper materials while improving performance, extending pump life, reducing operating costs and minimizing downtime. 

Diagnostic Field Service and Engineering 

Onsite inspection, analysis and diagnosis, installation and removal services or supervision, repair supervision, and pump overhaul. We can also provide engineering startup assistance, vibration analysis, 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis, computational flow dynamics analysis, and check out the entire pumping system. 

Increase Pump Efficiency, Increase Capacity, and Lower NPSH Requirements 

Rebowling your circulating water pump with new Flygt A-C Pump high-efficiency impellers will lower the pump power requirements and operating costs, improving overall plant efficiency. By hydraulically upgrading the pump, there is the potential for increasing the capacity without increasing the speed. Rebowling can also lower the NPSH requirement, thus reducing the potential for cavitation problems.

Increase Pump Reliability 

Erosive or corrosive part failures force downtime and increase maintenance costs. We can minimize both by upgrading materials, and eliminate repetitive component failures by upgrading the mechanical design of your pump.