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All of Bell & Gossett’s reliable e-Series pumps meet or exceed the DOE’s 2020 efficiency standards. That means you can specify any of them today and be sure they’ll be compliant when the standards take effect in January. No other pump manufacturer can promise that.

The Bell & Gossett Podcast

Listen to colleagues Kyle DelPiano and Mark Handzel of Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, as they break down the 2020 Department of Energy pump efficiency standards, what manufacturers must know today and how Xylem ensures that B&G e-Series pumps comply. DelPiano and Handzel also discuss hurdles faced leading up to 2020 and the future of industry regulations.



Watch our webinar for a refresher on DOE2020.

Be ready with the Energy Rating tool.

When the U.S. Department of Energy established the 2020 standards, it established a Pump Energy Index (or PEI) to rate the performance of pumps, and offered pump manufacturers methods to determine PEI for either constant load or variable load equipment classes. In order to compare the efficiency of pumps, the Hydraulic Institute created an Energy Rating (or ER) metric based on the DOE’s PEI. To receive the ER label, pumps must perform to published performance data and be tested to DOE test standards.


Why settle for compliance?

Why settle for compliance?

Energy efficiency begins with our DOE2020 compliant e-Series pumps, but it doesn’t have to end there. Overall pump efficiency can be maximized by adding a variable frequency drive, like Bell & Gossett’s Technologic Intelligent Pump Controller. A properly installed variable frequency drive reduces energy consumption, decreases electrical system stress and extends the life of the pump.


See how the Technologic IPC maximizes a pump’s efficiency.



Easily select the most efficient system.

Bell & Gossett has developed a powerful online selection tool called ESP-Systemwize. It provides system designers with the ability to choose all system components in a single integrated tool, ensuring the most efficient hydronic design. It includes PEI and ER data, and features built-in cost estimation based on the loading profile.



Meet the Pioneers of Efficiency

Meet the Pioneers of Efficiency.

The DOE compliant e-Series is just a part of Bell & Gossett’s Pioneers of Efficiency, a collection of powerful, reliable pumps and accessories designed to maximize your energy efficiency.

Series e-HSC Double Suction Centrifugal Pump
ecocirc XL High Efficiency Large ECM Pump – Heating
ecocirc XL High Efficiency Large ECM Pump – Potable Water
ECM Motor
Technologic Intelligent Pump Controller
Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
Pressure Independent Control Valve
Suction Diffuser Plus


Get a sneak peek at our newest Pioneer.


Have a look around the Bell & Gossett e-1510.


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