Report: The Value of Water Information

Public water data systems are vital to a broad variety of users, but are not currently
delivering at a consistent level. In fact, the availability of public water data services has
been declining over time despite increases in water scarcity (caused by demand) and
variability (caused by supply). Increases in population growth and climate change only
add to these global stresses. By failing to invest in accurate water resources data we
are leaving money on the table.

Water data is a crucial piece of the Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the
United Nations in 2015, but more importantly it helps local and national communities
provide water resources to the public. Decision makers are currently flying blind with
insufficient water information, making it difficult to prepare for the future.

This report provides:

● An assessment of the benefits of comprehensive public water data systems
● A call-to-action to end this global “data drought” in public water data infrastructure
● Xylem’s recommendations for actions that decision-makers should take now

Download the report to learn the current state of public water information, what’s
missing, and what steps we need to take globally to ensure water continues to be
available despite a decreasing supply.

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