Survey: Californians’ attitudes towards recycled water post-drought

Although a season of heavy rain ended the state’s drought in 2017, Californians surveyed continue to expect droughts in the near term, and they are concerned about future water shortages.

Furthermore, Californians continue to support using recycled water to meet their water supply needs, and it gains additional support when consumers learn more about treatment technologies used to purify the water.

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California Drought 1:34

About the Survey:

This is the second survey commissioned by Xylem in California. The Company first commissioned a public opinion survey among Californians in November 2015 – during the fourth year of a significant drought – to gauge their understanding and perceptions of recycled, purified, and reclaimed water. Those survey results were released in January 2016.

Building on those findings, Xylem commissioned a second survey in late 2017 – long after a heavy rain season ended the drought – to continue tracking Californians’ perceptions of recycled water.