Report: How Xylem is creating sustainable cities and ensuring water security

Around the world, cities face unprecedented pressures and rising risks associated with
water. One-third of the world’s population experiences water scarcity at least one month
every year. Emergencies, changes in weather patterns, and natural disasters threaten
human lives and property. Water will become increasingly scarce as the human
population grows and moves into urban areas.

Increasing the resilience of cities is one of the most complex challenges facing public
leaders. Xylem seeks to create resilient cities by ensuring communities have access to
critical services - no matter the circumstance.

This report provides real-life case-studies of products, services, and solutions that
Xylem has provided on the path to building resilience. We:

● Ensure water security for communities
● Strengthen critical water infrastructure
● Drive emergency response and recovery
● Engage with community stakeholders

Download the report to learn how communities are working to help communities
anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters and
environmental challenges.

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