Xylem Reach 2020 High School Hackathon

September 24 – September 27, 2020  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Xylem Reach 2020 High School Hackathon

On September 24, students, mentors and speakers gathered virtually to learn about water, Xylem, and the exciting challenges crafted for students to “hack on” during the inaugural Xylem Reach High School Hackathon to Solve Water. In total, 100 students registered to participate in the hackathon event, including students from the US, Ghana, Armenia, Egypt and Australia. The students are competing for over $5,000 in prizes.

Students had 3 challenges to solve:

  1. How to Improve Use and Maintenance of Rural Handwashing Stations
  2. Smart Water System 3D Mapping
  3. Improving Water Access in Rural Communities

Five judges gathered to review and score the 15 student submissions. Most projects were coded in python and java, and students experimented with GoogleEarth API, a variety of AWS applications, and even virtual reality! The judges selected seven finalist projects.


First Place winner Meghan Ogrinz
"I really enjoyed the Ignite Hackathon! It was my first ever. I found it both challenging and exciting to work on a technical solution that could have a direct, humanitarian impact on remote communities. In attending the sessions, it was clear that the Xylem team is very passionate about their mission to provide clean water and sanitation. This experience has furthered my interest in an environmental engineering career path. Thank you for this opportunity!"