Olimpíada Argentina de Tecnología (OATec 2022)

September 9 – October 15, 2022  08:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Olimpíada Argentina de Tecnología (OATec 2022)

The general objective of the OATec is to contribute to a greater approach of students to technology. The themes of the Olympiad refer to the various areas of nanotechnology, mechatronics, biotechnology, among others. Each year a different topic is selected, always related to technological areas. The selection of students is carried out through a system of double instance of national character.

"Water, Life and Technology" is the topic of the 2022 edition.

On the first evaluative instance: Applicants will be examined in their respective schools through an individual multiple-choice exam, national in nature and taken simultaneously throughout the country. It consists of 45 theoretical-practical questions on the theme of the Olympiad, to be resolved within 45 minutes. As a result of this exam, the set of winning students of the 1st evaluative instance is selected. These, together with their tutors, move to the ITBA on a predetermined date, with the purpose of participating in the 2nd. Face-to-face evaluative instance.

On the second evaluative instance: Students are presented with various challenges related to the topic of the call. Each student must imagine, plan and experimentally develop solutions to the challenges posed. This event takes place at ITBA for a day and a half. After the corresponding public presentation of the results obtained, the jury establishes the list of winners and the planned prizes are awarded.

Fundamental Objectives:

  • Awaken scientific-technological vocations in young people.
  • Help students use the scientific method, develop technological skills, abstraction and critical reflection, as well as the ability to transmit and exchange information.
  • Contribute to the updating of secondary level teachers.
  • Improve links between teachers and their students by promoting the exchange of classroom experiences.
  • Encourage the exchange of experiences between educators and students from different regions of our country.

OATEC in numbers:

1332 registered schools
1431 registered teachers
9808 enrolled students


Registration: from April 1 to August 31
Register here: https://www.oatec.org.ar/oatec2022
Firste Evaluative Instance: Friday, September 9
Second Evaluative Instance (Final): Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October