Aqua 365: Innovation for Water

Aqua 365: Innovation for Water

Aqua365 was born as an innovation challenge for College/University students who wish to resolve and commit themselves to different specific problems regarding water in vulnerable communities. It is an opportunity to search for innovative, replicable and scalable solutions for different communities throughout the national territory. In this 2022 version, the problem of 2 communities will be resolved, one in the Biobío Region and the other in the Metropolitan Region.

This program is an iteration of the Hackathon for Water 2021, in which 7 higher education institutions, 14 civil society organizations and companies, and 300 students participated. Instance that ended with 10 finalist teams and 3 winners. The main difference between the Hackaton and Aqua365 is that, on this occasion, a name and a face will be given to the problem, where the challenges correspond to specific problems of the 2 selected communities, where the winners are expected to carry out a pilot plan of their solution in these communities.

Overall objective

Deliver innovative and scalable solutions to problems of 2 specific communities in the context of vulnerability, related to the theme of water, through prototypes developed by teams of students from different regions of the country.

General process

Within this process, 6 higher education institutions, different civil society organizations, companies and the public sector will participate. Organizations will provide knowledge to facilitate the generation of proposals. 4 teams will be pre-selected that will go to a pre-incubation phase of their projects, ending with the selection of 2 winning ideas for implementation.

Registration deadline

The registration will be made through the website between March 23 and April 20, 2022. Application deadline: It will be available for registration from April 27 until Monday, May 30 at 6:00 p.m. Chilean continental time. Failure to meet this deadline will prevent participation.