The new Series e-90E Smart Pump delivers improved control and comfort

A new level of hydraulic and motor efficiency

Bell & Gossett’s powerful new Series e-90E Smart Pump combines the industry-proven e-90 pump series with the Xylem Smart Motor – an “ultra-premium” IE5 permanent magnet motor with built-in pump protection controls and monitoring to help optimize pump operations and increase energy savings up to 70% (versus fixed speed). The combination allows for easy, cost-effective installation, and has a pre-configured system’s intelligence and performance right out of the box.

The integrated pump solution eliminates the need for separate components by combining pump, motor and variable speed drive all in one. The e-90E is designed with state-of the-art technology to maximize efficiency and pump performance, coupled with the ability to communicate with other building systems in a simple-to-use product.

Available in 12 combinations of high RPM models with the Xylem Smart Motor (3HP, 460V, 3PH), the e-90E has the flexibility to be used across various applications, including industrial, residential, HVAC and water boosting.

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A versatile close-coupled centrifugal in-line pump designed for a wide range of heating and cooling applications in the small commercial HVAC market.

  • Excellent efficiency for energy savings
  • Installed in either horizontal or vertical applications
  • Robust EPR/carbon/silicon-carbide mechanical seal lowers maintenance and increases the life of the pump
  • Rated for 250°F and 175 PSI – perfect for chilled water loops or heating water loops in commercial hydronic systems
  • Expanded HP range
  • Remote system monitoring of equipment health to prevent failure or unplanned downtime

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Our “ultra-premium” IE5 permanent magnet motor provides efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA premium efficient asynchronous motor.

  • Wide range of monitoring, control and safety features right out of the box with no need to configure
  • Operates single or multi-pump systems up to three pumps with no need for an external control panel or PLC
  • Exceeds hydraulic performance of fixed speed versions in a more compact design

Enhanced Performance. Embedded Intelligence. The Right Combination.

The Series e-90E uses the latest technology to manage water delivery in pressure boosting and transfer applications at the required demand flow. The integrated motor/drive (eSM) dramatically expands the preferred operating range of the pump to maximize flexibility and enhance system performance.

Combining the smart motor, drive and pump ensures increased performance, maximum savings and a faster return on investment across a wide variety of applications.

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