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Resources & Reference Materials

A variety of brochures and other documents are available and can provide additional information related to Xylem. Need more information?  Click the “Request Info” button at the top of the page.

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PLC v’s MultiSmart Comparison

The PLC has achieved great success across a wide range of process control applications, including the water/wastewater pump station panel.PLC v’s MultiSmart...

RTU and control in the same device

Many water and wastewater pump stations have a separate control device and RTU. This brief paper examines the reasons behind this choice, and especially...

Benefits of a Modern SCADA Protocol DNP3 vs Modbus

A protocol is simply the rules that govern the data transfer between parts of a control system. Differentprotocols have varying strengths and weaknesses.This...

Maintenance Strategies: Predictive Maintenance vs “Run to Fail”

One of the most common questions from water and wastewater utilities when they are asked about their maintenance practices in lift stations is: “What do other...

MultiTrode transforms the level sensing landscape with environmentally friendly and cost-saving solutions across the UK water industry

Since their arrival into the UK water industry in 2005, Multitrode has transformed the level sensing landscape by introducing innovative, environmentally...

MultiSmart Pump Station Manager in East Bay Regional Park District

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is designated a special district by the state of California. It is the largest special district in the United...

Alaskan town installed new Pump Stations and SCADA system

Read the Government Engineering article describing how a historic Alaskan town installed new Pump Stations and SCADA system.

MultiTrode Provides Reliable Stormwater Pump Controls

Zephyrhills is located in Pasco County, on a ridge that divides the Hillsborough River Basin from the Withlacoochee River Basin. Lake Zephyr, an integral part...

How one Florida utility is benefiting from a state-of-the-art management tool

To learn about Royal Palm Beach's SCADA system, read the article. "Now instead of driving to a lift station, the field force can remotely reset a motor and...

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Melbourne) – MFB – uses MultiTrode level sensing and control products for many of its fire trucks

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade utilizes Multitrode's Level Sensing Probes to monitor the liquids stored on board the fire trucks in stainless steel or...

Charles Sturt plans wisely for stormy days ahead

The City of Charles Sturt in South Australia has found real operational benefits in using the new web-based PumpView system. And because there was no software...

OSCAR system DINO controller reduces nutrient return and improves energy efficiency

Green Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant
In order to overcome rising operating costs and stricter effluent permit limits, an advanced process control solution was implemented in an aerobic digester in...

Pushed to the limit: Saving energy and improving treatment at high loads

An advanced process control system was implemeneted in a highly loaded Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) pilot plant in Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Sweden. It was...

Do more with less: Integrating nutrient removal control improves treatment capacity and efficiency

Green Lake, WI, USA
A plant with a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) in Green Lake, Wisconsin was upgraded with an advanced process control system. By controlling the process in a...

Do more with less: OSCAR System with NURO controller improves treatment capacity at reduced cost

An advanced process control system was implemeneted in a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) pilot plant in Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Sweden. By controlling the...

Optimizing Chemical Dosing Reduces Chemical Use while Meeting Effluent TP Limits

Black River Falls WWTP
Using an online orthophosphate analyzer combined with automated controls helped the Black River Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant reduce chemical consumption...

Deadly Legionnaire’s disease outbreak stopped with the help of Xylem

When Legionnaire's disease broke out in Warsten, Germany, more than 150 people were infected and two people dies. Xylem was brought in to install a Wedeco...

Smart Biomass Control Saves Energy While Maintaining Treatment Objectives: Results from Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Sweden

A smart biomass control system was implementated at a pilot plant in Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Sweden. It was shown to automatically maintain the biomass required...

Solids Inventory Management System (SIMS) Controls MLSS Concentrations to Meet Treatment Objectives: Results from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Black River Falls, WI, USA
The Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer with SIMS controller, implemented at a conventional activated sludge plant in Black River Falls, Wisconsin,...

Aeration Control Improves Treatment Stability while Saving Energy: Results from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Black River Falls, WI, USA
Implementation of the Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer aeration control system at a conventional activated sludge plant in Black River Falls,...

Wedeco PDO Ozone System in Salt Lake City, UT: Ozone disinfection system lowers turbidity, boosts filter run times, and eliminates taste and odor issues in drinking water

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Increased population growth along with the need for system reliability and redundancy spurred the proactive capital improvements at the Little Cottonwood Water...

Sanitaire Gold Series Diffusers in Calco Toffo, Italy

Utilizing Sanitaire Gold Series membrane diffusers allowed Calco Toffo wastewater treatment plant to cut its power consumption by 50%.

Efficiency Gained Through Automated Aeration Control with a Pulse

Water Pollution Control Facility
Muncie, Indiana, USA
Automated DO control and a specifically sequenced aeration pulse operation mode brings process, operational and cost benefits to Indiana facility.

UV disinfection in Manukau Harbor

New Zealand
The Mangere wastewater treatment plant in Auckland, New Zealand, trialed Wedeco Ecoray UV lamps in ther TAK 55 UV disinfection systems. The result was...