Klein, a MIND Technology business, is a leading supplier of side scan sonar systems. Klein enjoys a worldwide reputation of excellence founded on high-quality products and customer service. Klein side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors and universities worldwide.

Kongsberg Maritime is a world leader in marine technology. With an extensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions, Kongsberg Maritime delivers efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental sustainability to enhance the business of its customers. Our approach to product design maximises performance by providing THE FULL PICTURE. Kongsberg Maritime offers a broad range of echo sounders, sonars and sub bottom profilers suitable for subsea mapping. These can be operated from any platform, making them ideal for exploring anywhere from the shallowest waters in ports and harbours to the world’s deepest oceans. 
NORBIT Subsea designs and develops wideband multibeam sonars for hydrographic applications, forward-looking applications, as well as advanced subsea leakage detection. Our solutions are based on the latest in analog and digital signal processing. Our products provide wide-coverage monitoring combined with high sensitivity and accuracy. NORBIT Subsea is part of the NORBIT Group – an international knowledge-based corporation with industrial heritage dating back to 1980. The spirit of explorers that drives our engineers combined with world class manufacturing processes allows NORBIT Group to pioneer groundbreaking solutions within a wide range of applications. Our industrial corporation is divided into four main business units: Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), Subsea, and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) of industrial electronics. NORBIT is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway.
Seafloor Systems, Inc. provides complete products and services for hydrographic surveying. We carry a full spectrum of equipment, software, and personnel. With over two decades of experience providing tailored survey solutions, our mission is to ensure the success of our customers - large & small.

Applanix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trimble, designs, builds, delivers and supports products and solutions designed specifically for the hydrographic survey industry. Our products and solutions provide robust, reliable, and repeatable positioning and motion compensation solutions from vessels.

Telestra Technologies, established in 2019, has become a key provider of goods and services in the marine construction, hydrographic and aerial surveying industries.  With over 75 years of combined experience, our expert sales and technical team assist customers in all aspects of their project. From the initial selection of necessary equipment to installation and training; Telestra Technologies provides our customers with all the essential tools needed to complete their projects successfully. 
VectorNav Technologies is the worldwide leader of embedded navigation solutions using the latest inertial sensor and GNSS technology. Since its founding in 2008, VectorNav has provided systems integrators in the military, aerospace, marine, and robotics industries worldwide with SWaP-C optimized, high-performance navigation systems. VectorNav applies the aerospace heritage of digital filtering and sensor calibration techniques to the state-of-the-art in inertial and GNSS technology, redefining what’s possible in today’s inertial navigation technology. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA, VectorNav is an AS9100 company.

Septentrio designs and manufactures multi-frequency multi-constellation GPS/GNSS positioning technology for demanding applications. At the core of our receivers is the latest GNSS technology delivering reliable centimeter-level positioning. Our receivers are known for their outstanding performance, high level of security and resilience in challenging environments. That is why our products serve in safety-critical applications and are part of critical infrastructure around the world.

Founded by geoscientists with extensive operational experience in the US and Europe, the OARS Group provides comprehensive project consulting, data services, and experienced personnel in support of offshore energy developments worldwide.

Focused on quality, the OARS Data Center utilizes the latest in secure network infrastructure for data management. The Data Center has an excellent track record of analysis, quality assurance, and curation of current and archived geoscience data sets for remote access by our clients. To mitigate the significant shortage of experienced field personnel available in the USA due to the rapid growth of the offshore wind market, OARS retains a growing team of dedicated staff for offshore roles. All offshore personnel are actively supported in the field during the course of the campaign.

Our US-based team should be viewed as an integral part of the overall project team, providing program and data management during the course of development through life of field. Our team is available for on-site or remote management across all time zones.

CEE HydroSystems manufacture hydrographic survey equipment including single beam echo sounders with GNSS for precise bottom mapping in shallow water environments. The company focuses on providing compact and portable systems that simplify the survey process by combining multiple components into a single waterproof and robust enclosure.


Survey Equipment Services headquartered in Katy TX with office locations in Hartford,CT, Dartmouth NS, Charlottetown PEI and Vancouver, BC, provide Turnkey Equipment Solutions for the Hydrographic, Geophysical, Dredging and Marine Construction Markets. Specializing in Equipment Sales & Rentals, Systems Integration, Vessel installations, Equipment Repairs & Calibrations, In-House and Onsite Training & 24/7 Engineering &Technical Support.

Valeport - Established in 1969, Valeport designs and manufactures instrumentation for the oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric communities, with a worldwide customer base. Our underwater sensors and profilers are used for environmental monitoring, water survey, defence, oil & gas, dredging, civil engineering and scientific research.

EdgeTech is a leader in underwater technology solutions including: side scan 
sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems, AUV and ROV-based sonar systems, combined and customized solutions.  Additionally, EdgeTech provides reliable USBL systems, transponder beacons, acoustic releases, MRUs and customized underwater acoustic command and control systems. 


AML Oceanographic provides mission-critical instrumentation and Moving Vessel Profilers for oceanographic projects. AML recently released our second generation of exchangeable instruments (X2Change); AML-1, AML-3 and AML-6. With over 20 X2Change sensors, AML allows users to think beyond their next project while providing fast lead times and reliable customer support.

R2Sonic LLC is pioneer in re-inventing the multibeam sonar technology to improve customers’ experience: we help you save money by accelerating the speed of installation, operation and data processing, while delivering the
highest data resolution. Come learn more about our exclusive features!
HYPACK, a Xylem Brand has been developing HYPACK®, HYSWEEP®, and 
DREDGEPACK® software solutions since 1984. With over 30 years’ experience, and over 10,000 users, HYPACK is a leading provider of hydrographic and dredging software worldwide, supporting over 400 different sensors and devices!


Xylem Environmental Solutions provides innovative water monitoring technology and reliable field services for even the most challenging bathymetric, oceanographic and coastal/estuarine applications. Our employees take a personalized approach to working with customers, providing them access to a broad range of expertise, with a sharp focus on finding customized solutions that make an impact. Visit us at HYPACK 2022 booth #22, and speak with our friendly staff – we’re always happy to help! 

Hydrographic Offices, Naval Commands, and Oceanographic Offices worldwide turn to Esri to think, plan, and decide geographically. Esri, the market leader in GIS software provides the maritime platform to manage, analyze, and share bathymetry in public and on premise cloud environments.  Turn to Esri GIS to empower your organization’s Hydrospatial and Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure. Learn more https://www.esri.com/en-us/industries/national-maritime-hydrography/overview

Subsea Technologies provides sales, rentals, and service of a wide range of advanced technology products including GNSS positioning and heading receivers, transponders, sonars, lights, cameras, sub-bottom profiling systems, oceanographic instruments, and ruggedized field computers for use in a multitude of land and marine based applications. Based in Greater Houston, Texas, Subsea Technologies is proud to be a Distributor for Hemisphere GNSS, Applied Acoustics, AML Oceanographic, Handheld, DeepSea Power & Light, and more.

SBG Systems is a leading supplier of miniature, high performance & cost-effective inertial motion sensing solutions. Our Motion Sensors and Inertial Navigation Systems are ideal for ship motion monitoring; SONAR, LiDAR, and Buoy orientation & position; ROV & AUV control,... Qinertia, our new INS/GNSS post-processing software completes the solution.

Teledyne Marine has emerged as a market leader in Imaging, Instruments, 
Interconnect, Seismic, and Vehicle technologies by providing innovative and highly reliable total solutions to their global customers. The imaging group designs, manufactures, and services a full spectrum of leading-edge single beam and multibeam sonars used for asset inspection and hydrographic surveys.  These sonars can be complimented and further empowered by incorporating Teledyne’s powerful PDS software platform.  For turn-key solutions, Teledyne also provides a full suite of proven autonomous and remotely operated surface and subsea vehicles, allowing customers the convenience of one-stop shopping.  Whether seeking a single component or a full hydrographic solution, Teledyne is ready to meet their customers’ needs with the largest breadth of technology in industry, backed by global service and support.

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) provides innovative and reliable Sensors, Systems and Transducers for survey solutions and applications in salt and fresh water environments. FSI’s standard product areas include the Hegg Marine Solutions (HMS) Bubble Gun seismic systems, sub-bottom, and side scan sonar imaging systems; ACM-PLUS current, wave, and tide monitoring systems; advanced electro-acoustic transducers; and acoustic relocation systems. Services include custom design, development, integration, and production of marine Sensors, Systems and Transducer technology, as well as value-added services such as prototyping, product assembly, potting, calibration, and pressure testing. FSI has recently moved into a new efficient modern 8000 sq ft facility in nearby Pocasset, MA 02559.

Marine Magnetics Corp. - Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with an office in San Diego, California, Marine Magnetics designs and manufactures the only Overhauser Magnetometers for use in the Military, Marine research and Commercial markets, worldwide. Our 20+ year success is rooted in the combination of Technology and Design, that takes the user experience into account.  We know exactly what our customers intend to do with our products.  We’ve researched the conditions and situations in which they must perform.  And we’re realists:  Accidents happen.  People make mistakes. Our systems are built to survive them.

Knudsen Enginering Limited - Recognized for high performance products and dedicated customer support, KNUDSEN manufactures singlebeam echosounders used in several diverse applications including survey, navigation, dredging, sub-bottom sediment profiling data acquisition and ocean research. These variety of flexible products are designed to operate from numerous platforms including small watercraft, large ocean vessels, fleet and patrol vessels, surface, and underwater remotely controlled and autonomous vehicles (ROV’s/AUV’s), and submarines.

A leading provider of innovative unmanned solutions for maritime operations and data acquisition. Our technology is developed in close collaboration with civilian, governmental and military partners. We focus on delivering high quality products and solutions that are cost-effective, reduce HSE risk exposure and are highly deployable in any conditions.