Change in HYPACK Accounts Receivable

Change in HYPACK Accounts Receivable

Dear HYPACK Customer,

Beginning in the year 2022, HYPACK has transitioned our accounts receivable to a new Xylem Order to Cash (O2C) team within the Xylem Global Business Services (GBS).

  • The HYPACK Sales team ( will continue as your primary contacts for sales, quotes, orders, and invoices. Customers will continue to receive invoices from HYPACK when your order is completed or shipped.
  • Customers can request copies of invoices from, or by calling 860-635-1500.
  • Customers with open HYPACK invoices should expect to receive monthly account statements by email from GBS AR Collections NA Your account statement will show invoices which are current, due, or past due. Note that a paid invoice may still appear on your account statement if the payment is being processed.
  • If you have questions about your account statement, please call Xylem GBS at 855-278-2248 (Option 1 for GBS). You can also email the O2C team member named in your account statement, or send an email to
  • Please send all payment remittance information to The preferred payment methods are EFT, ACH or ECH. To pay by credit card, please call HYPACK at 860-635-1500. Note that credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% transaction fee. HYPACK’s current banking information letters are attached.

The Team from GBS has spent the past several months getting to understand HYPACK and our customers. We are confident that this new O2C team will allow us to provide the best possible service.


Gerd F. Glang

General Manager