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Godwin 6" Dewatering Pumps

The Godwin family of six-inch Dri-Prime® Pumps delivers the reliability and versatility that tough dewatering jobs demand.
Whatever your application – construction, industrial, municipal, mining – you’ll find a Godwin pump that’s the right fit.

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Every mine faces unique source water and process water challenges, typically related to intake, quality, restricted access or effluent management. Bring Godwin pump solutions to your location to provide transport and pressure boosting, and reliable dewatering.


All water and wastewater treatment plants and collection systems face the same issues: The combination of aging infrastructure and a dynamic regulatory environment are challenging the cost of treating water. These demands combine to place a heavy strain on your water and wastewater systems.


Godwin pumps play a role in the most critical infrastructure projects across
the world, including pipeline and utility construction. Xylem Rental Solutions
provides exceptional value for lowering water tables, dewatering groundwater, or draining stormwater from your site.


Godwin pumps deliver solutions for raw water intakes, wastewater and storm water needs across a wide range of industries.  We combine dependable water management innovation with industry expertise to create industrial rental solutions for nearly all requirements.

Value Series


Versatile, general dewatering pump for challenging applications.

The SD150M has been engineered to meet your standard dewatering needs with mechanical efficiencies and durability. Ready to go at a moment’s notice with the iconic Godwin Dri-Prime and dry-running oil bath mechanical seal for reliable performance. Deploy the SD150M in your toughest applications.

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Smart Series


Large solids-handling capabilities for construction sites and general dewatering.

Rugged pump ideally suited for tough dewatering jobs. Equipped with a new generation of Field Smart Technology (FST) for remote monitoring and control. Engineered for improved hydraulic efficiency, greater fuel economy, and streamlined serviceability. The CD impeller is now interchangeable with a Flygt N-Technology non-clog impeller to tackle stringy, modern wastewater applications with the same pump.

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Non-clog N-Impeller


Built for fibrous material, sewage and general dewatering applications.

Extremely powerful, yet compact pump with flow capabilities to 1,770 US GPM (403 m³/hr). Features Flygt N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller. Engineered to deliver sustained high efficiency resulting in lower energy and fuel costs while reducing unplanned downtime, making the NC150S a best-in-class portable pump suitable for both sewage and clean water pumping application.

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HL Series


Ideal for stage dewatering, product transfer in refineries, and temporary fire backup applications.

The HL150M pump offers flow rates to 1,650 US GPM (374 m³/hr) and has the capability to discharge pressures to 219 psi (148 m). Can automatically prime to 28 ft (8.5 m) of suction lift. Automatic or manual starting/stopping available with mounted control panel or optional wireless remote access. Combines high discharge pressure, dry running and portability.

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