New Releases & Program Updates

Thanks to great suggestions from our customers, we routinely add improvements to our software. New releases and updates are made available to our Maintenance Plan subscribers on our website. Typically, we release a new version every January. Updates and patches are issued immediately and become available on our website. You can contact our support group here if you have any issues downloading. Subscribers to our HYPACK Software Maintenance plan receive all updates and releases at no additional cost.

Remote Assistance (Teamviewer) Update

HYPACK has released a new version of Help - Remote Assistance (TeamViewer) in the HYPACK 2021 Q2 updates. If you are still using old versions of HYPACK or have not updated to HYPACK 2021 Q2, please do so now so HYPACK Support can continue to log into your machine if needed. As of September 15, 2021 TeamViewer no longer supports old version of TeamViewer. If you are still running old version of HYPACK with the old executable, it will need to be updated. This update is available for download here: New Remote Assistance.exe

Downloading the Software Release & Updates

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New Release

Version   Size   Release date
HYPACK 2023 Q1 Full Install 64-bit (recommended)   1.8 GB   (released 04/14/2023)
HYPACK 2023 Q1 Full Install 32-bit (limited functionality)   1.6 GB   (released 04/14/2023)
HYPACK 2023 Q1 Updates (Zip File)   120 MB   (released 04/14/2023)
HYPACK 2023 (64-bit)  

1.75 GB

  (released 02/07/2023)
HYPACK 2023 (32-bit)   1.54 GB   (released 02/07/2023)
HYPACK 2022 Q3 Updates Patch (Installer)   358 MB   (released 10/19/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q3 Updates Patch (Zip File)   372 MB   (released 10/19/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q3 Full install 64 bit (recommended)  

1.74 GB

  (released 10/19/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q3 Full install 32 bit (limited functionality)   1.53 GB   (released 10/19/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q2 Updates   225 MB   (released 7/14/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q2 Updates Patch  

218 MB

  (released 7/14/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q2 Full install (64 bit)   1.61 GB   (released 7/14/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q1 Updates   181 MB   (released 4/11/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q1 Updates Patch  

185 MB

  (released 4/11/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q1 Full install 64 bit (recommended)   1.58 GB   (released 4/11/2022)
HYPACK 2022 Q1 Full install 32 bit (limited functionality)  

1.39 GB

  (released 4/11/2022)
HYPACK 2022 (64-bit)   1.57 GB   (released 1/18/2022)
HYPACK 2022 (32-bit)   1.57 GB   (released 1/18/2022)


Other Software

Version   Size   Release date
HYPACK Marine Search v16.1.1     251 MB      (released 5/21/18)
HYPACK Sub-Bottom (64-bit)   483 MB   (released 8/1/17)
HYPACK Sub-Bottom (32-bit)  v17.1.0   444 MB    (released 8/1/17)
HYPACK Ultralite (64-bit) v1.18.0   837 MB   (released 4/2/18)
HYPACK Ultralite (32-bit) v1.18.0   718 MB           (released 4/2/18)
ViPer v16.0.5   1.59 MB   (released 1/17/17)

Previous HYPACK Versions





Release date

HYPACK 2021 Q3 Updates


243 MB


(released 10/11/2021)

HYPACK 2021 Q2 Updates


220 MB


(released 7/12/21, updated with signed install 7/20/21)

HYPACK 2021 Q1 Updates


125.4 MB


(released 4/12/21)

HYPACK 2021 v. 21.0.6 (64-bit, Recommended)


1.5 GB


(released  2/1/21)

HYPACK 2021 v. 21.0.6 (32-bit)


1.3 GB


(released  2/1/21)

HYPACK 2021 VDatum


810 MB


(released  2/1/21)

HYPACK 2020 Q3 Updates


367 MB


(released 10/9/20)

HYPACK 2020 Q2 Updates


332 MB


(released 7/8/20)

HYPACK 2020 Q1 Updates


232 MB


(released 4/20/20, updated 4/27/20)

HYPACK 2020 v1.20.0.5 (64-bit, Recommended)


1.3 GB


(released 1/23/20) 

HYPACK 2020 V1.20.0.5 (32-bit)


1.2 GB


(released 1/23/20) 

HYPACK 2019 Q3 Hotfix


12.3 MB 


(updated October 11, 2019 to fix issues resulting from recent Windows updates:  
- Web Maps, 
- ENC Chart downloads,  
- Odom Network driver crash. 
If you have downloaded the Q3 update prior to October 11, you can simply download the Q3 Hot Fix here. Unzip and install files in the HYPACK 2019 folder.)

HYPACK 2019 Q3 Updates


190 MB


(released 7/9/19)

HYPACK 2019 Q2 Updates


253 MB


(updated 10/11/19)

HYPACK 2019 v1.19.1.0 (64-bit, Recommended)


1.2 GB 


(released 3/15/19)

HYPACK 2019 v1.19.1.0 (32-bit)


1.1 GB   


(released 3/15/19)

HYPACK 2018 v1.18.1.0 (64-bit, Recommended)


 1.1 GB 


(released 7/2/18)

HYPACK 2018 v1.18.1.0 (32-bit)


980.5 MB


(released 7/2/18)

HYPACK 2017a (64-bit)


1.05 GB


(released 8/3/17)

HYPACK 2017 (64-bit)


1.02 GB


(released 2/24/17)

HYPACK 2016a


795 MB


(released 9/30/16)

HYPACK 2016 


738 MB


(released 2/11/16)

HYPACK 2015 


583 MB


(released 2/18/15)

HYPACK 2014 


553 MB



HYPACK 2013a 


524 MB




Previous HYPACK Version Supplemental links available below (Supplementals are updated files only and require a full install of HYPACK before applying the updates.)

HYPACK 2018 Updates available.

HYPACK 2017 and 2017a Updates available. 

HYPACK 2016 Updates available. 

Note:  Download the supplemental zipped file.  Close HYPACK and extract the files to the HYPACK 20xx folder.  You will get a prompt to overwrite existing files and folders, choose yes to all.  If you do not get this prompt you might have the wrong extract location selected.  Once you have overwritten the existing files and folders reopen HYPACK.

HYPACK Help Translations

The Help file translations are compiled from the translated User Manuals. Since our translation process takes some time, the most recent translated Help file may be from the previous HYPACK release. For this reason, it does not include information for development after the release of the year indicated in the download link. Each program should, however, display relevant information to the program from which you open it, except from new program modules that may have been developed over the past year.

Note: When you install the translated Help file, it replaces the original English Help file. If you want to preserve the English version for later use, rename it or make a backup copy.