Sensus Device Manager Application

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Make Mass Updates from One Remote Location

Device Manager is a software application within our Regional Network Interface (RNI)™. The application allows you to remotely adjust settings for individual end points and perform mass upgrades across your service territory right from your desktop. That means faster deployment with no impact on field personnel or on customers.

Device Manager is available for water, gas and electric end points as well as VantagePoint™ Lighting Control modules. 

Device Manager allows you to access:

  • Device settings
  • Monitoring status
  • Configuration alerts
  • Maps and location of end points
  • Detailed device reports
  • System status and base station settings
Product Features

Minimum Requirements:

  • RNI version 3.3 or later

Benefits to you

  • Reduces field service calls
  • Deploys mass end point changes remotely
  • Adjusts individual end point settings to fine-tune your network
  • Provides embedded user help functionality

Benefits to your customer

  • Avoids inconvenient service calls
  • No service interruptions