Fine Bubble Aeration

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Ceramic disc diffusers

  • Handles aeration ofhighly corrosive wastewater
  • Specializedcompression molding delivers high oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Life expectancy of20+ years with...

Gold Series membrane diffusers

  • Ideal for high-density, low flux applications
  • Available in lengths of 90”, 59” and 28” to assure high-density, full-floor coverage in any tank...

Silver Series II LP membrane disc diffusers

  • Ideal for sludge and other heavy-duty applications
  • Low-pressure versionof the Sanitaire Silver Series II membrane
  • Handles airflow up to17 Nm(3)/h (10...

Silver Series II membrane disc diffusers

  • Ideal for air-on/air-off applications such as SBRs, aerobic digesters, and anoxic swing zones, as well as continuous operation
  • Over 22 million...