Ensuring high quality water intake in the Queen Mother Reservoir

Thames Water

London, United Kindgom


Photo: A vertical profiler system samples and analyzes water throughout the depth of the Queen Mother Reservoir in London, UK. This allows operators to become aware of the depth of the best quality water while also securing continuous provision of drinking water.

Challenge: London is located in one of the driest regions of England and shortage in rainfall can have immediate impact on the availability and quality of drinking water to the 8 million people connected to the network. Thames Water, who manages the region’s water, aim at implementing a monitoring solution that can improve the management of the resources by informing on the water quality across their water reservoirs.

Solution: Xylem offered the analytic profilers across a number of differing platforms, including buoy-mounted, pontoon-mounted or a fixed-site solution. The profilers are able to interface with any of YSI probes, which in this case include total Algae (combined Chlorophyll and Blue Green Algae sensor), dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity, and turbidity.

Benefits: The system that was installed localizes the highest quality water across the entire water column of the reservoirs to optimize costs of the downstream treatment. The detection of harmful algae bloom by the system allows the operator to activate mixing of the reservoirs with jets and control the concentration of the algae at the water intake. Thames Water can prevent this way odor and taste problems as well as release of potential toxins in their drinking water sources.

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