BIB FAQ: Troubleshooting Water-Only Dispensing Issues

Is your bag-in-box (BIB) system only dispensing water? Here we cover a few things to check to determine the cause and correct the issue.

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When your BIB system is only dispensing water, there are a few common issues to check for. Of course, the first thing to check is your syrup container. Make certain it's not empty. Also check that it's properly connected.

A good idea is to remove, clean, then reinstall the threaded bag connector to ensure not only that it's properly connected, but that the seal is nice and tight.

Next, make sure all the valves in the syrup system, both the dispense valves and the transfer valves, are operating properly.

Next, check the BIB syrup pump itself. Dispense a drink to see if the pump cycles. If it does not cycle, check the CO2 in the tank and if it's empty, replace the CO2 tank. If the pump runs and no syrup flows, sometimes the pump can become airlocked. Airlock typically can occur when the pump is not installed with ports facing towards the floor. If you find this is the case, have a certified technician correct the installation so that the outlet port is facing the floor.

If any of the valves are not operating when they should be, it could be an electrical problem. Contact a qualified service technician to evaluate the system and either repair or replace any non-operating components.