Vogel Pumpen supplies water under the Adriatic to two Croatian islands


Xylem Vogel Pumpen

Pag and Rab islands, Croatia


Application: Municipal Services

The islands of Pag and Rab are situated off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic, and have become popular residential and tourist destinations. While they are both very different in nature, with Pag known for its entertainment and beaches and Rab famed for its lush Holm Oak forests, they both have a scarce resource that impacts their livelihood: water.

To respond to the need for fresh water to be pumped to the islands, especially to meet peak demand during the tourist season in the summer, the Croatian government instigated the plan for a pumping station on the mainland, close to the village of Stinica.

The location was chosen to ensure that water pressure was sufficient; friction losses in the pipeline that runs across the ocean floor would be too high if the pumping station was island-based.

The order for the project was placed in September 2006, and Xylem Vogel Pumpen was chosen as the supplier of choice. The pumping station features a Vogel Pumpen multistage MP 300.2/2 SC 241 pump, with Deutz motor 16-cyl TDC 2016 V. The pump is speed controlled and will deliver 370 litres/second at 1700 rpm and 130 litres/second at 1200 rpm. The motor power is 800 kW at 1700 rpm and the station has a tank size of 30,000 litres. These versatile multistage pumps utilise a modular design concept which maximizes interchangeable components, making them simple and cost-effective to maintain.

Due to the lack of electrical power available at the Stinica site, the pump is operated by a diesel engine with electromagnetic coupling and complete exhaust system.

To combat the critical issue of possible noise from the pumping station, Xylem Vogel Pumpen applied sound damping to a maximum of 55dB (A) – quite an achievement when you consider common speech is around 60dB.

The pumping station was successfully put into operation under the supervision of our technicians in May 2007.