Xylem Lowara delivers for Courtyard by Marriott in Istanbul

Courtyard by Marriott in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Application: HVAC, Water supply, Wastewater

Country of reference: Turkey

Istanbul is the European Capital of Culture in 2010 and the development of quality hotels and residential areas is setting a pace. On the European side of the city a new Courtyard by Marriott hotel has been constructed – a four-star development over 17 floors and with 262 rooms.

Xylem Lowara Official Distributor in Turkey, ILPA Su Teknolojileri Ticaret A.S., suggested best models within our range of products and supplied a suite of Xylem Lowara pumps to deliver HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), water supply and wastewater solutions.

Knowledge and service in Building Services

Typically in construction there was a rigorous selection process for pump technology, which took into account key factors like product pricing, quality, service and warranty. A key element that sets Xylem Lowara apart is knowledge and the applicability of a wide range of our products to the building services applications.

Pumps that meet customer demands

The ILPA team was able to demonstrate like-minded thinking with the constructors and higher awareness of this sector. They could also illustrate that the Xylem Lowara solutions would add value to the project – especially through the use of the Hydrovar® variable speed controller in the water supply system. It features fourteen SV series pumps, each having a capacity of up to 120 mc/h and head up to 330 meters. There are three fixed speed booster sets, alongside three variable speed sets where the pumps are coupled with Hydrovar® variable speed controllers which match pump speed with demand to maximize efficiency and economy.

Full performance all of the time and in any condition

Lowara’s variable speed control system HYDROVAR® ensures a high permanent pressure. All required parameters such as quantity and pressure can easily be set and changed on request. Unlike pumps with fixed speed, which – no matter of the required quantity -, always run full performance, the variable speed control system HYDROVAR® adjusts the pump’s flow rate automatically even to heavy varying demands.

Low energy consumption from High Efficiency

Heating and cooling is driven by FC series in-line dry rotor pumps with highly efficient EFF 1 motors. EFF 1 motors leads to savings in energy consumption, therefore money savings for any electrical driven pump. There are 20 sets in place, and they each provide capacity of up to 330 mc/h and head of up to 89 meters.

Drainage dealt with ease

The drainage system combines DL series submersible pumps that are designed to handle sewage and wastewater, offering capacities of up to 1500 mc/h. There are four sets of DLG pump, made of sturdy cast iron and featuring an open impeller with grinder assembly to deal with sewage and suspended filaments. DLG pumps incorporate a device to grind and reduce the dimensions of the entrained solids. The ground solids are then pumped to a collection system. A Doublebox lifting station with two DLG pumps delivers wastewater to a higher-level sewer main. A further six sets of DLC pumps feature channel impellers for clear sewage and wastewater.

Comfort from reliable products and efficient after-sales service

Set just 5km from the airport and 25 minutes from the city centre, the Courtyard by Marriott Istanbul International Airport opened in June 2009, with the Xylem Lowara reliability and after-sales service that will ensure that their HVAC and water supply systems will optimize guest comfort.