Xylem Portugal delivers the H20 at H2otel


Unhais da Serra, Portugal

Application: Commercial Building

Creating the four-star H2otel in Unhais da Serra, has been for Xylem Portugal a unique project. The site is located in an historic glacial valley in the Serra da Estrela , which has been known for its thermal properties for centuries. The valley sits at 2460 ft, and late in the 19th century became popular as a tourist site, where the waters were believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties.

In 2005 the project to create H2otel began, with a view to designing a building that complemented the Serra da Estrela Natural Park in which it is sat while attracting tourists with a medical spa and thermal leisure centre. It was essential that the high technology used to manage water distribution was sensitive to the natural thermal water features, while enhancing their appeal to visitors.

The hotel – a flagship in the Natura IMB Hotels chain – opened in late 2008 as the H2otel Congress & Medical Spa, with its leisure pools in the newly branded Aquadome. Lowara pumps have played a key part in this achievement, tackling a full range of water management issues, and utilising inter-group companies to ensure that the skills and equipment were available to meet the customer’s needs.

The applied solution incorporated water supply, fire fighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), water treatment and drainage. Water delivery and drainage includes the GHV series of variable speed water booster sets featuring 2 and 4 multipurpose SV series pumps and the Hydrovar® speed controller for optimum economy and on-demand efficiency. This offers capacities of up to 400 m3/h and power up to 4 x 45kW. The FHF series of centrifugal electric pumps feature a large capacity of 650 m3/h and head up to 100m. Hot water is delivered by stainless steel TCS circulators.

Xylem Lowara was able to offer to its customer the best possible solution embracing the whole water cycle, from fluid handling to water treatment. Cooperation between Lowara and Wedeco – a sister company within the Xylem group – in the supply of chemical-free UV water treatment, ensured Xylem Portugal’s success in supporting the complete H2otel project.