Goulds Water Technology dealer goes the extra mile to deliver water to homes outside the reach of municipal water

Chris Hock

North Valley Pump Service, Cave Creek, AZ

GouldsBalanceFlowSystems1.pngEven with the huge public utility infrastructure, there are many buildings that require water service that are outside the grid of municipal water supply systems. Today over 15 million households fall outside the reach of municipal water.

Goulds Professional Dealers are there to install a system to provide them water.

Chris Hock, owner of North Valley Pump Service, Cave Creek, AZ was is customarily a professional residential water systems installer, Chris was approached by a local homebuilder inquiring into the possibility of tapping the municipal water supply contained in a storage tank outside the town of Rio Verde.

Chris’ objective was to find a way to pump the public water from the storage tank to a remote tract where the builder was constructing 18 exclusive homes.

Chris had never done this type of work before so he sought technical help from his Goulds Water Technology distributor. Chris determined that in order to deliver the required 50 pounds per square inch of pressure at each home he would need to specify a pump system that included two 3HP Goulds Water Technology centrifugal pumps installed at the storage tank.


“Once the builder threw in the need for fire hydrants, we needed 500 gallons per minute,” Chris said. “So we decided upon two 10HP, 250 gallons per minute, Goulds Water Technology centrifugal pumps with two 20HP Goulds Water Technology Aquavar variable speed controllers featuring the world’s first microprocessor based pumping system.”

Chris says the Aquavar variable speed control system does more than just change motor speed. It truly manages pump performance to match a wide range of system conditions and requirements – providing an economical and reliable pressure solution from large water storage tanks to customer locations.


As the system may be expanded in the future – and certainly if additional hydrants are added – Chris said further booster pumps may need to be added to the distribution network to compensate for customers at the higher elevations, or at the end of long piping runs with high friction losses.

At each of the locations, Chris recommended a Goulds Water Technology Balance Flow variable speed controller system to bump up the incoming water pressure at the home to 75 PSI, “which boils down to 18 new Balance Flow systems.”


Chris said he prefers the Balance Flow variable speed system because it provides immediate, constant pressure for all the homeowner’s water needs – from the laundry room on the first floor, to the showers on the second floor, to the lawn out front.

Is he pleased with the results?

“The opportunities are tremendous to work with and install larger pump packages,” Chris said.

Another case of Goulds Professional Dealers bringing water to life.