Xylem Lowara has the right formula for Tamar Science Park

Tamar Science Park

Plymouth, England

Xylem Lowara in Tamar Science Park

Application: Commercial Building

Tamar Science Park is a total business environment in the South West of England. It was launched in 1995 as a joint venture between Plymouth City Council, Devon and Cornwall Training & Enterprise Council and the University of Plymouth.

Stage 1 of the £23m Phase 4 development provides 24,000 square feet of lettable area. The focus of this is the Drake building, home to leased offices, a data centre, bistro (Park Central), and conference facilities. Xylem Lowara pump technology has made a significant contribution to this building.

Efficiency and cost saving combined

To maximise efficiency and cost savings, in line with the principles of the park, building engineers Lorne Stewart plc recommended Xylem Lowara pumps and, in particular, the Hydrovar® variable speed controller; which adjusts pump speed depending upon the demand.

The water supply to the centre – including the kitchens – features two GHV series twin pump booster sets, which deliver up to 48m3/h and head up to 120 m. The GHV is easy to install, low maintenance and has protection against dry running. Each set incorporates two SV series vertical multistage pumps with stainless steel construction, which satisfy the needs of a wide range of users; as well as finding a home in Xylem Lowara booster sets.

Two Hydrovar® variable speed controllers are mounted to ensure that pump speed is matched to demand. This generates optimum efficiency of the pump, minimising power consumption and maximising the life of the pumps through lower wear and tear caused by pump start-up.

Reliable heating system

The heating system is managed by a series of Xylem Lowara pumps in the FC-TC range. Three TCG twin head in-line wet rotor circulators deliver up to 125m3/h and head up to 20m, providing reliability and durability from their cast iron construction. The system also uses an Xylem Lowara EFCG single phase twin head variable speed wet rotor pump, which delivers 100m3/h with both pumps running and head up to 11m.

The kitchen in the Drake building also benefits from a residential TCB circulator for the hot water system. The bronze construction of the twin head TCB is highly robust, delivering up to 9.5m3/h with two pumps working and head up to 6.5m.

A further commercial HVAC pump is from the FC-FCT series of in-line centrifugal cast iron pumps. The FCTE4 has an AISI316L stainless steel impeller and is designed to handle hot and cold moderately aggressive liquids, delivering up to 330m3/h with a head up to 89m.

Open for business

The Drake building, part of the new Phase 4 of the Tamar Science Park, was opened in November 2008. Xylem Lowara products are already contributing to the financial savings and environmental efficiency of the building, ensuring that the development is as cost-effective in the long-term as it will be effective as a resource for regional businesses.