Lila Tretikov

Corporate Vice President of Technology, Microsoft Corporation

Tretikov headshot vertical 73120.jpg

Ms. Tretikov is a Corporate Vice President of Technology in the Office of the CTO at Microsoft Corporation, and a leading expert on Artificial Intelligence and business transformation. In her role at Microsoft, she applies a cross-disciplinary approach to creating solutions that address some of the world's most challenging problems and empower humanity through technology.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2018, Ms. Tretikov served as Senior Vice President of Engie SA, a global organization based in France, with a mission to alter the Earth's ecology through energy transition to CO2-negative systems, and was Chief Executive Officer of the Terrawatt Initiative, a non-profit organization launched by Engie. She was previously Chief Executive Officer of The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia. 

Ms. Tretikov founded a company in the field of computational genomics while at college and has numerous patents and articles to her name in the field of technology-enabled business transformations. In addition to prior service on the board of a U.S. public company, she currently serves on the boards of a number of private companies.