Air Selangor Deploys Advanced Analytic Solutions to Improve Asset Reliability and Resilience

Air Selangor partnered with Xylem to develop a long-term, state-wide monitoring program to prevent premature asset failure across the system.

As a national water company making efforts to cost-effectively manage its network, Air Selangor had concerns about its aging infrastructure and needed to take a proactive approach to reduce leaks and bursts and identify the causes of pressure surges to mitigate the damaging transients that could reduce the lifespan of its pipes. By identifying the leaks before they become more serious bursts, repairs can be made without requiring line shutdown or without disrupting water supply to the local community.

Partnering with Xylem, Air Selangor implemented two complementary real-time monitoring solutions that help prevent premature asset failure, Xylem’s LeakViewTM leak detection monitoring to identify leaks and bursts, and SurgeViewTM transient pressure monitoring to identify surges.

“As a public utility, we wanted to reduce bursts and improve our customer service, and the continuous monitoring solution is certainly helping us achieve our goals…”

Air Selangor is currently identifying 2 leaks per week, with a total of 295 found to date*, as well as unveiling critical operational issues related to pump changeover, helping prevent premature asset failure.

*As of January 2021

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