Establish System Control and Reliability

Establish System Control and Reliability

The operability of critical valves is essential to control a water system and ensure system reliability. Critical valves control vital water transmission lines – the backbone of any water system. Operable critical valves reduce the consequences when large diameter pipeline failures occur.

Critical valve gearing and operating nuts are typically located in vaults and exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Primarily due to this exposure, coupled with little or no routine  operation and maintenance, many critical valves in water systems do not function as designed and are unreliable when needed.

Critical valves are expensive to replace. In addition to the substantial cost of the valve itself, the related valve replacement costs are significant and often include civil engineering, shutdown of the main, service disruption, traffic control, old valve removal new valve insertion, environmental impact, site restoration and safely bringing the system back on line.

Critical valves frequently degrade faster than the water main due to lack of routine maintenance.

Wachs Water Services has assessed, operated and tested over 20,000 valves 16” and larger; of which more than 11,500 were 30” and larger.

Our operational processes have proven safe, economical and efficient. Using the Wachs Water Services’ process of controlling torque and constantly adjusting to asset response, a high percentage of critical valves can be rehabilitated at a fraction of the cost of replacement, giving new life to aging assets and increasing reliability