Even Baghdad uses Lowara pumps

Dmix Srl

Baghdad, Iraq


The regeneration of Iraq is a multinational concern, and pumps from Lowara are playing their part. In a hot city like Baghdad, where temperatures often reach 48°C, reliable, high performance irrigation systems are a primary need.

Tried and tested capability in the extreme

Lowara pumps are specified all over the world for their reliability and durability, and none more so than the FH series. Italian ecological construction firm Dmix Srl, which won a tender held by the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, sought a pump product that would be reliable enough for use in temperatures in excess of 60°C and in remote locations.

They commissioned 1000 units of the FH series direct from Lowara in Italy, knowing that the ability of FH pumps to operate at maximum efficiency in all conditions has been demonstrated across thousands of applications.

Perfect solutions for irrigation

The FH cast iron centrifugal single-stage pumps are sturdy and dependable, with a capacity of over 60mc/h and a head of 50m. Each pump was coupled with a 15 LD 500 Lombardini thermal engine through an elastic connection, which enables the unit to work fully independently – perfect for an irrigation network.

Dimitrios Batalogiannis, President of Dmix Srl, commented: “It was a project that combined two very different situations. The application in Iraq was a challenge that we wanted to accept as we were confident of the quality of Lowara products. It was quick and easy to realise the Dmix diesel pumps, thus allowing costs to be reduced and an excellent product to be developed.”

The satisfaction shown by this OEM customer, who was well aware of the quality of Lowara products, demonstrates once again how reliability and lifetime use satisfies the harshest of customer requirements and those of their end users.