Food & Beverage Industry


Xylem’s biological processes include industry-leading aeration and mixing capabilities with thousands of installations globally. Xylem’s in-house test aeration tank allows us to develop the most efficient solution for your operation and working in conjunction with our Application and Process Engineers, a cost-effective biological treatment process can be developed to suit your business needs. We have a wide range of proven products that can:


Save Up To 40% In Daily Energy Use
Are Low Maintenance & Ensure A Long Service Life
Easy To Operate & Flexible To Your Business Needs


Wastewater discharge limits pose a challenge for meat processing plants due to the high organics, COD   and BOD in the wastewater stream. Xylem’s aerobic biological treatment technologies can be utilized to   bring COD and BOD into compliance while improving on-site economics.

Nobody Does Biological Treatment Better

Whether it is biological treatment, filtration, or disinfection – Xylem has the solutions to treat incoming water supply or wastewater discharge to meet regulatory requirements while maximizing profitability. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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