Rule Bilge Pump Float Switches

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  • Rule Rule-A-Matic bilge pump float switch
  • Rule Super Switch bilge pump float switch
  • Rule Rule-A-Matic Plus bilge pump float switch
  • Rule ECO Switch bilge pump float switch

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Funcionalidades do produto
  • Fits multiple pump sizes
  • Removable base for easy cleaning and servicing
  • Interchangeable mounting bases for replacement or upgrade (models 35A & 37A)
  • Marine-grade blocked wire
  • 2-year warranty (Rule-A-Matic and Rule-A-Matic Plus models)
  • 5-year warranty (Super Switch model)

Bilge pumps are designed to remove water that reaches the bilge. Non-automatic pumps require a device to control the pump, engaging the pump when water enters the bilge, and then disengaging the pump when water has been removed. Xylem’s Rule brand offers a portfolio of bilge pump float switches that are designed to suit all boat requirements and pumps from 360 GPH, up to 4000 GPH.

Rule-A-Matic (model numbers: 35A, 35FA)

Year after year, the Rule-A-Matic remains a popular bilge pump switch for boaters. Featuring a removable base for easy cleaning and servicing, a mercury-free snap switch tested to over one million cycles, and marine-grade blocked wire, the Rule-A-Matic is designed for pumps drawing up to 14 amps. The Rule-A-Matic comes with a 2-year warranty.

Super Switch (model numbers: 37A, 37FA)

Backed by a 5-year warranty, the non-mercury Super Switch is designed for the toughest applications. The Super Switch includes marine-grade, 14-gauge blocked wire, a larger float for increased buoyancy, removable base for easy servicing, and a snap switch design capable of handling pumps drawing up to 20 amps.

Rule-A-Matic Plus (model numbers: 40A, 40FA)

Sleek and rugged, the Rule-A-Matic Plus bilge pump float switch has a strong, fully integrated, impact-resistant cover that protects against debris and jamming. It features 14-gauge, abrasive-resistant, marine-grade wire, and a built-in test feature. Designed for pumps drawing up to 20 amps, the Rule-A-Matic Plus also includes a 2-year warranty.

ECO Switch (model numbers: 39, 39-24)

The ECO Switch is an ecologically sound automatic bilge pump control switch. Featuring a non-mercury design, the pump operates with simple air pressure. As water rises in the bilge, air rises in the air tube that is attached to the switch. This air pressure activates the switch that controls the pump. There are no moving internal parts, as all wiring is out of the water, which means that there are no submerged electrical connections at all. Offering complete reliability and outstanding performance, the Rule ECO Switch offers a viable alternative to traditional float switches.

High Water Bilge Alarm (model numbers: 33ALA, 32ALA, 31ALA)

The Rule High Water Bilge Alarm consists of a non-mercury bilge pump float switch and an in-dash gauge that features both a visual and an audible 85 db alarm. This unit allows an unmanned compartment to be constantly monitored. For additional compartments, add additional switches. Complies with CFR 182.530 which requires a visual and audible alarm in each unmanned space on commercial vessels at least 26 ft. (7.9m) in length.





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Documentação e ferramentas

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