Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps

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Funcionalidades do produto
  • Automatic water sensing (no separate float switch required)
  • Flow rates from 360-4000 GPH (1363-15140 LPH)
  • 12 and 24 volt versions available
  • Compact, efficient, long-life motors with ability to run dry for short periods
  • Back Flow Prevention (500 -1100 models only)
  • Easy-clean, snap-lock strainer bases
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Completely submersible
  • Marine-grade blocked wiring
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Built-in Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) provides added protection for pump and vessel
  • Silent operation with minimal vibration
  • Ignition protection
  • CE and ISO 8849 certification

Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps check for water every 2 ½ minutes and keep bilge water at the lowest level of any automatic bilge pump. A standard pump and float switch allows water to reach 2” (5cm) before it activates. Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps activate at 5/8” (1.6cm) and drain water down to ¼” (0.6cm).

Our bilge pumps provide ultimate pumping performance, which helps keep your bilge clear of nuisance water. Our bilge pumps are engineered and tested to the highest standard, achieving rated performance at 12V, resulting in high flow with best-in-class efficiency for the toughest applications.  

Model Numbers

  • 25SA
  • 25SA-24
  • 20SA
  • 27SA
  • 27SA-24
  • 51S
  • 53S
  • 55S
  • 56S
Curvas de desempenho

Curvas de desempenho

Automatic Bilge Pumps
Automatic Bilge Pumps


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Documentação e ferramentas

Documentação e ferramentas