New Jersey Town Sticks with a Winner

Kearny Municipal Utilities

Kearny, NJ


In 2004, a major flood severely damaged the station when it submerged the pump controls. Increasing flows also exceeded the facility’s capacity during extreme weather events. The pump station did not have a functional grit removal system, which led to grit deposits at the treatment plant. As a result, the existing Parshall flume used for metering flows to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) was inaccurate, impacting the calculation of service charges.


The design team modified the existing wet-well channels to accommodate redundant chain and flight grit removal equipment, grit sumps, grit pumps, and motorized sluice and slide gates with controls to regulate flow into the pump station and individual channels.  A new 18-in. Parshall flume was installed so that the full range of flows could be measured accurately.

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