• Monitorização de fluxo

    Obtenha dados de fluxo precisos em qualquer lago, ribeira ou rio

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  • Monitorização de oceano e costa

    Dados de velocidade precisos em qualquer porto, costa e oceano

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  • Dados de irrigação

    Dados fiáveis de fluxo de irrigação em canais agrícolas

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ADCP Questions Answered

SonTek experts delve into topics essential for hydrologists, hydrometrists, hydrographers, or anyone responsible for collecting discharge data with an ADCP. 

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ADCP Training Series

This video collection is your go-to resource for mastering the art of discharge data collection using SonTek ADCP technology. 

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Careers in Water

day-life-hydrographer (1).png

See the CastAway-CTD used in a global, scientific venture to monitor marine wildlife in some of the most remote places in the world.

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Comparison of Doppler Flow Meter Types: Low-Cost Continuous Wave vs Multi-Cell, Pulsed Doppler Systems

sontek-iq-irrigation-flow-meter-adcp (1).png

Find out why not every flow meter is created equally. Take a comprehensive look at the functional and technical differences between continuous wave vs Multi-cell pulsed Doppler technology and the advantages and disadvantages of each including:

  • Principle of operation
  • Number of beams
  • Bias potential
  • Depth requirements
  • Minimum velocity requirements
  • Flow calculation
  • Accuracy

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