Key Considerations for Power Line Carrier (PLC) Migration

Transitioning from PLC to Next-Gen AMI

Early adopters of Power Line Carrier (PLC) networks had one primary objective when originally launching their system—automating meter reading. Consider it mission accomplished. PLC systems were able to reduce truck rolls, automate billing, and improve operations dramatically.

However, today’s utility is faced with challenges and opportunities that legacy PLC systems struggle to handle. Increasingly utilities expect real-time visibility into sensors and meters. This influx of data allows for more efficient control of the complex modern grid while also providing a more resilient infrastructure.

After reading this paper, you will have a better understanding of:

  • the reasons why legacy PLC systems are struggling to keep up with next-gen AMI;
  • the primary differences between the two dominant radio-frequency systems; and
  • the three proven methods of transitioning from PLC to a wireless communications network.