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Cechy produktów
  • WIMES* and DWI** specification compliant that distinguishes lamp failure from lamp breakage
  • Notifies breakage within one second of rupture
  • With independent control loop

The Wedeco OptiDetect is a quartz sleeve breakage detection system that notifies you within one second of a glass rupture inside a UV reactor. Whether in operation, or in stand-by mode, this alerts you to take immediate action to prevent further damage to your UV system and other equipment. It equally avoids the imminent danger of shards or materials flowing through the pipework.

With Wedeco OptiDetect, you get round-the-clock quartz sleeve breakage safety and smooth operation.

Assure compliance to disinfection regulations

OptiDetect conforms to the WIMES* and DWI** specifications which require that lamp failure is distinguished from lamp breakage, to ensure damaged lamps are detected in the UV system.

Improve process resiliency

Triggered by the water entering the quartz sleeve, OptiDetect sends an alert message within one second of a breakage. You are guaranteed to receive a notification on the UV system’s HMI or SCADA system so you can take immediate action.

OptiDetect is a separate control loop independent from the UV system’s electrical cabinet. This allows for the reactor to be completely shut down or for maintenance work to be done on the electrical cabinets, and still keep the system protected.

* Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification  (July 2014) ** Drinking Water Inspectorate (August 2016)

Install safely and easily

Whether it is a new installation or an existing Wedeco UV system, and regardless of lamp orientation, OptiDetect can be easily set up without affecting other parts of the system. The disinfection certification or approval of the reactor remains unchanged.

And even at zero-flow conditions, OptiDetect gives an instant alert in the event of a quartz sleeve breakage.

Guarantee service satisfaction

With Xylem’s worldwide presence and its vast experience in UV system installations all over the world, you can be assured of quick service turn-around times and spare part deliveries. 

With our know-how in applications and processes, we can provide support all the way from solution design to project execution and post-installation services. Get in touch with your Xylem local office or any of our global partners and experience Xylem’s unparalleled service.

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