Bag-in-Box (BIB) Syrup Pumps Flojet T5000 Series air operated diaphragm pumps

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Cechy produktów
  • Bag-in-Box (BIB) syrup pump
  • Gas (CO2) / air driven pump
  • Maintains constant pressure at the dispensing valve
  • High suction capability empties syrup down to a minimum residual
  • Compact design with quick disconnection fittings for simple, quick installation
  • Fully automatic, operates only when beverage is being dispensed
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) barbed, CO2 exhaust port connection for venting away from confined areas

Flojet T5000 Series air operated diaphragm pumps are designed for dispensing bag-in-box (BIB) syrups, juice concentrate (without pulp or particulates), teas, wines and liquor. The built-in auto shutoff automatically shuts the pump off when the bag is empty and restarts when a full bag is connected.

Engineered for ultimate performance and reliability, the T5000 Series provides compatibility with a wide variety of syrups and concentrates and supply the following from remote location: Four (4) x 3.0 oz (89ml) valves (each dispenses at 0.5 oz/sec); or two (2) x 4.5 oz (133ml) valves (each dispenses at 0.75 oz/sec).

Model Numbers

  • T5000130
  • T5000135
  • T5000140
  • T5000141
  • T5000145
  • T5000146
  • T5000149
  • T5000153
  • T5000158
  • T5000162
  • T5000163
  • T5000169
  • T5000171
  • T5000172
  • T5000181
  • T5000182
  • T5000183
  • T5000192
  • T5000193
  • T5000196
  • T5000220A
  • T5000221A
  • T5000230A
  • T5000231A
  • T5000240A
  • T5000241A
  • T5000515
  • T5000519
  • T5000567
  • T5000578
  • T5000627
  • T5001130
  • T5001114
  • T5001110
  • T5091119
  • T5091119H
  • T5091119J
  • T5A01110
  • T5011161
  • T5001111
  • T50L111A
  • T50L111B
  • T5011111
  • T50G1114
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Dane techniczne


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