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Mitigate Risk and Distribute Power Efficiently with Stratus IQ+

Mitigate Risk and Distribute Power Efficiently with Stratus IQ+

The Stratus IQ+ smart meter can help utilities keep their customers safe and power flowing.

Residential electricity customers need to trust that the electricity that powers their lives will be available when they need it. With so much depending on having available electricity, from powering lights and appliances to charging electric vehicles, there’s pressure on electric utilities to balance supply with the ever-increasing demands of modern living. 

One way utilities are staying in control is by adopting smart metering technology for their residential electric meters. Smart meters, like the Stratus IQ+™, leverage smart-grid technology to deliver near real-time usage data that can make more accurate distribution possible. That’s important for everyday usage, and times when service may be disrupted.

Mitigating risk with Stratus IQ+ smart meter technology

Stratus IQ+ is capable of measuring real, apparent, and reactive energy simultaneously. That means utilities have a real-time view of usage, and can be more efficient in distributing power. 

This visibility allows utilities to have a more complete picture of the grid. When an outage occurs, our unique smart-grid technology can help get customers back online safely and efficiently by telling you where every outage is located.

The data available to utilities via Stratus IQ+ can also help get power restored faster. Rather than relying on customer phone calls and disparate information to determine the cause, data from smart meters can point to where power has been lost. That can help utilities prioritize where to send crews, and get accurate information out to their customers. 

Seamlessly manage distribution decisions

Another way Stratus IQ+ smart metering can help utilities be more efficient is understanding usage in near real time. With 32 channels of load profile data in four data sets with varying interval lengths no other residential meter provides this type of system visibility. This level of insight gives utilities the concrete information needed to make data-driven decisions. 

For example, during a heat wave utilities can monitor how much energy is being used to power each customer’s home and manage the surge in demand by implementing energy saving programs where it’s needed most. Being able to meet demands can prevent the need for rolling brownouts, which in turn can keep power on in extreme heat or cold, keeping residents with power.

As the grid continues to evolve and modernize, smart metering technology utilities can rely on, has become more important than ever. Choosing Stratus IQ+ for smart residential metering can help utilities lead the way in smart-grid technology that has a real impact on safety and efficiency.

Contact one of our reps to find out how Stratus IQ+ can help utilities take the grid to next-level smart.

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