Right Angle Discharge for Jabsco Electric Marine Toilets

A quick video showing you the right angle discharge, part number 37077-1000, for use in Jabsco Electric marine toilets (37010 models) and Jabsco Quiet Flush marine toilets (37045 and 37245 models).


Right Angle Discharge for Jabsco Electric Marine Toilets 1:38

Jeff: Thanks for watching jabscotech.com. I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: From time to time we get questions – do we have a 90° discharge elbow for either our 37010 series or our Quiet Flush series toilet? And Mike, the answer?

Mike: Yes, we do. It's actually an 87°, but we call them 90. It comes in two pieces. The yolk or the harness that mounts to the base, and then the discharge housing itself. The joker valve goes right inside here. The nice thing about this two-part breakup is the fact that it gives the discharge housing the ability to rotate; it facilitates installation, makes it a little bit easier for you. We do offer this. It is kind of like one of those hidden gems, like Jeff had said. But yeah, if you need it, ask your local distributor to order you one, you should be good to go.

Jeff: And make sure you give the part number 37077-1000. Again 90° discharge port. Jabsco part number 37077-1000. Thanks for watchingjeffcotech.com. I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I’m Mike Irving.

Jeff: Check back soon for more tips and technical videos on jabscotech.com.