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Double Suction Pumps Series VSX Space Saving Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

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Product Features
  • Hydraulic coverage to meet all your design requirements
  • Volute & Cover Plates: Cast iron ASTM A159 (35,000 psi)*
  • Impeller: Low Zinc Silicon Bronze ASTM 876
  • Sleeve: 304 Stainless Steel

The Bell & Gossett VSX Double-Suction Split-Case Pump has Maintenance-Free Bearings, new One-Piece Unitized Seal, Groutless Base Plate, Alignment-Friendly Coupling, reduced pump room footprint by up to 40% when compared to traditional split-case and vertical inline pumps.

Using CFD technology, we can deliver identical performance in any flange configuration. The result is that you can maximize your piping possibilities and meet a broad hydraulic range for chillers, towers, distributive and general pumping requirements.


Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

HVAC Cooling
Building Systems HVAC Cooling
HVAC Heating
Building Systems HVAC Heating
Pressure Boosting
Building Systems Pressure Boosting
District Cooling & Heating
Commercial Buildings District Cooling & Heating
Documentation & Tools

Interactive Tools


VSX Specifications


VSX VSC 12x14x22A (B 866.7C)
VSX VSCS 14x16x22A (B 866.11C)
VSX VSH 14x16x22A (B 866.12C)
VSX VSH 18x20x22A (B 866.18C)
VSX VSC 6x8x10 1/2 A (B 853.1C)
VSX VSCS 6x8x10 1/2 A (B 853.2C)
VSX (B 850B)
VSX VSH 6x8x10 1/2 A (B 853.3C)
VSX VSC 4x6x10 1/2 A (B 850.1C)
VSX VSCS 4x6x10 1/2 A (B 850.2D)
VSX VSCS 6x8x10 1/2 B (B 867.2A)
VSX VSH 8x10x10 1⁄2 A (B 855.3D)
VSX VSCS 10x12x10 1⁄2 A (B 856.2D)
VSX VSC 8x10x10 1/2 B (B 855.4B)
VSX VSH 10x12x10 1⁄2 A (B 856.3D)
VSX VSC 10x12x11 1⁄2 A (B 871.1A)
VSX VSH 4x6x13 1/2 A (B 865.11C)
VSX VSH 12x14x14A (B 872.3B)
VSX VSH 14x16x15A (B 873.3B)
VSX VSC 14x16x15A (B 873.1B)
VSX VSCS 4x6x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.22D)
VSX VSCS 14x16x15A (B 873.2B)
VSX VSH 4x6x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.23D)
VSX VSC 6x8x17 1/2 A (B 865.6C)
VSX VSC 10x12x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.12E)
VSX VSCS 10x12x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.14D)
VSX VSH 10x12x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.16D)
VSX VSC 12x14x17 1⁄2 A (B 866.1E)
VSX VSC 6x8x13 1/2 A (B 854.1D)
VSX VSC 6x8x13 1/2 B (B 854.4B)
VSX VSCS 6x8x13 1/2 B (B 854.5B)
VSX VSCS 6x8x13 1/2 A (B 854.2D)
VSX VSH 8x10x13 1/2 B (B 857.12C)
VSX VSC 4x6x10 1/2 B (B 850.4B)
VSX VSCS 4x6x10 1/2 B (B 850.5B)
VSX VSCS 8x10x10 1/2 A (B 870.2)
VSX VSH 4x6x10 1/2 B (B 850.6B)
VSX VSCS 5x6x10 1/2 A (B 851.2C)
VSX VSC 10x12x13 1/2 A (B 858.1D)
VSX VSC 8x10x13 1/2 A (B 857.1D)
VSX VSCS 14x16x13 1⁄2 A (B 865.2B)
VSX VSC 8x10x13 1/2 B (B 857.10C)
VSX VSH 8x10x17 1⁄2 A (B 857.6E)
VSX VSH 5x6x17 1⁄2 A (B 852.6D)
VSX VSC 8x10x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.4B)
VSX VSCS 12x14x17 1⁄2 A (B 866.2E)
VSX VSCS 16x18x19A (B 866.14E)
VSX VSCS 12x14x17 1⁄2 B (B 866.5C)
VSX VSH 10x12x11 1/2 A (B 871.3A)
VSX VSCS 4x6x13 1/2 A (B 865.10C)
VSX VSCS 10x12x11 1/2 B (B 871.5)
VSX VSH 8x10x22A (B 857.9D)
VSX VSCS 14x16x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.15D)
VSX VSC 14x16x22A (B 866.10C)
VSX VSCS 5x6x10 1/2 B (B 851.5B)
VSX VSH 18x20x22B (B 867.10)
VSX VSCS 10x12x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.8B)
VSX VSC 10x12x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.7B)
VSX VSH 12x14x17 1⁄2 A (B 866.3D)
VSX VSH 14x16x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.17D)
VSX VSH 16x18x19A (B 866.15E)
VSX VSC 12x14x17 1⁄2 B (B 866.4C)
VSX VSC 5x6x13 1/2 A (B 852.1D)
VSX VSH 10x12x11 1/2 B (B 871.6)
VSX VSCS 5x6x13 1/2 A (B 852.2D)
VSX VSH 6x8x13 1/2 A (B 854.3D)
VSX VSC 5x6x13 1/2 B (B 852.7B)
VSX VSH 5x6x13 1/2 B (B 852.9B)
VSX VSH 10x12x13 1/2 A (B 858.3D)
VSX VSH 8x10x13 1/2 A (B 857.3D)
VSX VSC 12x14x14A (B 872.1B)
VSX VSCS 8x10x13 1/2 B (B 857.11C)
VSX VSCS 12x14x14A (B 872.2B)
VSX VSC 4x6x17 1/2 A (B 865.21E)
VSX VSH 12x14x17 1⁄2 B (B 866.6C)
VSX VSC 8x10x22A (B 857.7D)
VSX VSCS 8x10x22A (B 857.8D)
VSX VSC 14x16x17 1⁄2 A (B 865.13D)
VSX VSH 10x12x22A (B 865.32D)
VSX VSH 12x14x22A (B 866.9C)
VSX VSH 6x8x17 1/2 A (B 865.8C)
VSX VSCS 8x10x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.5B)
VSX VSCS 6x8x17 1/2 A (B 865.7C)
VSX VSH 8x10x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.6B)
VSX VSH 10x12x17 1⁄2 B (B 867.9B)
VSX VSCS 8x10x10 1/2 B (B 855.5B)
VSX VSCS 10x12x11 1/2 A (B 871.2A)
VSX VSC 4x6x13 1/2 A (B 865.9C)
VSX VSC 10x12x11 1/2 B (B 871.4A)
VSX VSH 5x6x13 1/2 A (B 852.3D)
VSX VSC 6x8x10 1/2 B (B 867.1A)
VSX VSH 6x8x10 1/2 B (B 867.3A)
VSX VSH 8x10x10 1/2 B (B 855.6B)
VSX VSC 10x12x10 1/2 A (B 856.1D)
VSX VSH 8x10x10 1/2 A (B 870.3)
VSX VSC 8x10x17 1⁄2 A (B 857.4D)
VSX VSC 5x6x17 1⁄2 A (B 852.4D)
VSX VSCS 8x10x17 1⁄2 A (B 857.5D)
VSX VSCS 5x6x17 1⁄2 A (B 852.5D)
VSX VSCS 5x6x13 1/2 B (B 852.8B)
VSX VSH 6x8x13 1/2 B (B 854.6C)
VSX VSCS 10x12x13 1/2 A (B 858.2D)
VSX VSCS 8x10x13 1/2 A (B 857.2D)
VSX VSC 5x6x10 1/2 A (B 851.1D)
VSX VSH 5x6x10 1/2 (B 851.3C)
VSX VSC 5x6x10 1/2 B (B 851.4C)
VSX VSH 4x6x10 1/2 A (B 850.3D)
VSX VSC 8x10x10 1/2 A (B 870.1A)
VSX VSH 5x6x10 1/2 B (B 851.6B)
VSX VSC 10x12x22A (B 865.20D)
VSX VSCS 12x14x22A (B 866.8C)
VSX VSCS 10x12x22A (B 865.31D)

Technical Brochure

VSX Technical Brochure (B 476E)