EXO Platform EXO pH & ORP Sensor Replacement Module

SKU: 577613-02
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Un-Guarded pH/ORP Module

User-replaceable tip for #599706 - EXO un-guarded pH/ORP sensor

Smart, cost-saving technology for water quality measurements.

Exhaustible reagents are stored in this replaceable module and can be swapped-out as needed. Electronics & data are stored separately in the smart sensor base. Grants long-term costs savings by eliminating the need to re-buy the entire sensor after the reagents are depleted (approximately 12-18 months for pH/ORP, depending on use).


  • For use in EXO2 systems with a central wiper installed.
  • EXO sensors and modules are not backwards compatible with 6-Series sondes.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools