Turbidity meter series TURB 2000

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 Standard-compliant turbidity measurement, with ultrasonic cleaning as option
Nephelometric turbidity meter with white (US EPA 180.1) or infrared light (EN ISO 7027), each available with ultrasonic cleaning (as option):

  • Safe measurements by integrated bubble trap and ultrasonic cleaning (as option)
  • Easy calibration with standards that are traceable to Formazine
  • Standard-compliant measurement according to US EPA 180.1 and EN ISO 7027, respectively
  • Option with high accuracy in the measuring range 0 … 10 FNU available

The nephelometric turbidity meters of seriesTURB 2000 can be used for nearly all applications thanks to its large measuring range. By using white or infrared light and the respective standards, the meters meet the requirements of the US EPA 180.1 as well as those of the EN ISO 7027. Instrument with white as well as infrared light are equipped by default with an integrated bubble trap. They are available with ultrasonic cleaning as option, which saves time and effort.
The version TURB 2110 has a very high resolution in the lower measuring range. The meter is also available as a set including calibration standards and bubble trap.

SKU: 600020 - Turb 2000 - Turbidity analyzer, white light w/o ultrasonic
SKU: 600025 - Turb 2020 - Turbidity analyzer, white light with ultrasonic
SKU: 600030 - Turb 2100 - Trubungs-Analyzer, infrared w/o Ultraschall
SKU: 600032 - Turb 2110 Set - infrared, w/o ultrasonic, additional bubble trap
SKU: 600033 - Turb 2110 - Turbidity analyzer, infrared, w/o ultrasonic, low measurement range
SKU: 600035 - Turb 2120 - Turbidity analyzer, infrared with ultrasonic


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools




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