World’s Tallest Building

Burj Dubai

Downtown Burj Dubai, UAE


Application: Residential Building

The word “Burj” is Arabic for tower & Burj Dubai is the world’s tallest building. The triple lobed footprint of the building is based on the shape of the Hymenocallis desert flower native to the United Arab Emirates. The tower is the centre piece of Downtown Burj Dubai, a large scale mixed-use development. The exterior cladding is made of reflective glazing with aluminum and textured stainless steel spandrel panels. There are vertical tubular fins of stainless steel to withstand Dubai’s extreme summer temperatures.

Burj Dubai stands not only for unparalleled luxury, but with an estimated height over 700 metres, but is architectural accomplishment and a testimony of human achievement. The structure takes its place in history as one of the world’s great landmarks.

Products & Application

Ahmed Ramadhan Juma (ARJ) is supplying 6 water transfer sets (11KW-200KW) and 7 water booster sets (4KW-37KW) utilising vertical and horizontal multistage pumps. The water booster sets are fitted with “Hydrovar”, a bespoke variable speed drive (VSD) designed for pumping applications. The VSD varies pump speed to ensure the water flow rate meets demand so the motors run efficiently and that energy is not wasted. Each set comprises 2 duty + 1 stand by pump. The sets are factory assembled at the Xylem Lowara facilities located in Vicenza, Italy.