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HVAC… the right products for the job

Application: Residential Building

Our technology plays a key part in managing water delivery through all elements of the HVAC cycle. The products can be categorised into those best suited to commercial applications and those for domestic and residential use.

The pumps specified and adopted in different countries are likely to vary due to regional infrastructure, building practices and regulations. Our sales network will always advise on the right technology for any need.

Examples in the Lowara portfolio of pumps which circulate water includes the ATC-AFC Series of high-efficiency A class variable speed circulators for every kind of domestic heating and air conditioning system, or the FC Series pumps used mostly in commercial HVAC applications which incorporate the Hydrovar®.

We also feature a wide range of pumps that create an end-to-end water solution not only for HVAC Building Services, but all applications including water supply, wastewater pumps, borehole or submersible pumps, and fire-fighting systems.

Efficiencies in operation

Efficiency is at the forefront of our products for HVAC. The Hydrovar® variable speed controller is a great example of realising energy efficiency. By varying pump speed with demand, savings in pump power usage combine with longer pump reliability for a lower life cost across commercial and domestic HVAC applications. The majority of our pumps feature stainless steel impellers, providing long-term corrosion resistance that is paramount in HVAC applications. Large selections of our pumps include high efficiency motors, enhancing the cost-effectiveness, environmental credentials and operating performance of the pump ranges.

Support, training and product development

Our service engineers and sales network is proving invaluable to contractors and consultants. From the planning stage to implementation we can be on hand, on site, to advise on product selection, pipe work integration, achieving efficiencies and contingencies.

The experience and knowledge within the Xylem group of companies is cascaded down through our staff and agents. Appropriate professional training is also available for our customers, including courses in many aspects of a HVAC system which include harmonics and variable speed technology among others. Bespoke courses can also be organised to meet your exact needs.

To maintain our products we are at the forefront of needs within Building Services, we pro-actively engage with customers and end users, ensuring we develop products that meet the many needs of domestic and commercial applications. For information on HVAC products, services and training for building services, contact your local office or distributor.