A new Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece


Chateau du Clos Lucé – Parc Leonardo Da Vinci

Amboise, France

Application: Water supply, Irrigation

It may not draw the crowds of the Mona Lisa, but the variable speed booster set installed at Chateau du Clos Lucé – Parc Leonardo Da Vinci in Amboise, France, is an artistic project which upholds Leonardo Da Vinci’s legacy. The property, where Da Vinci lived out his last years, is now a museum and the Lowara booster set serves many purposes, including irrigation of the recently inaugurated Garden of Leonardo.

The garden has been designed according to Da Vinci’s own botanical drawings, studies and landscapes, and includes his double-deck bridge invention. The GHV 30 booster set combines the Hydrovar® frequency converter and three SV multistage vertical pumps, and was installed by Société SIREV.

You could say it’s a masterpiece in its own right!