Wastewater Collection

Minimize wastewater collection blocks and overflows, maximize resources

Wastewater collection applications include all steps that relate to an effective and efficient transport of wastewater from across an urban area to the point of treatment, and including management of solids, and additional inputs of water such as industrial wastewater and stormwater, and preventing blockage in the system and sewer overflows.

  • Combined Sewage and Stormwater – Pumps and equipment to handle wastewater and stormwater more effectively
  • Condition Assessments – Data-driven plans to prioritize wastewater collection system maintenance needs and investments
  • Lift Stations – Intelligent pumps and solutions to keep wastewater flowing through sewage lift stations
  • Pressure Sewer Systems – Grinder pump systems that manage wastewater collection in challenging terrain
  • Sewer Bypass – Bypass pumping sewer solutions that run reliably during long-term wastewater collection system maintenance and upgrades
  • System Optimization – Smart water solutions that enhance every step of wastewater collection and transport, to reduce overflows, energy use and operating costs